Stephen Morris, bateria de New Order es coleccionista de tanques

Stephen Morris, batería de New Order es coleccionista de tanques
Stephen Morris, New Order's drums is a tanks collector

Los famosos pueden tener la suerte de coleccionar cosas de los más originales o caras, pero Stephen Morris el  bateria de New Order le ha dado por coleccionar nada menos que TANQUES!

Según el, una tanque es más fácil que conseguir coches antiguos.

Ahí van algunas fotos, si tenéis alguna foto más, podéis mandármelas a manel@lleida.net

The celebrities are lucky to collect things of the most original or expensive, but the battery has given New Order in collecting just TANKS!

He has said, a tank is easier than getting the old cars.

There are some pictures, if you have some more pictures, you can send them to me at manel@lleida.net

New Order drummer Stephen Morris: I keep a tank in my shed
Apr 15, 2015
Stephen Morris
In this week's My Peccadillo, New Order drummer Stephen Morris reveals why he drives a tank...

I didn’t want a tank. I wanted a classic 1947 Bristol in pearl blue, a true work of automotive art. But Gillian, my wife and partner, said it smelt of 1947, and this was before austerity became fashionable.

When we heard about a tank for sale, she said: “You can drive me about in this.” It was just after New Order released Republic in 1993. My rock star credentials were low, so I became the proud owner of an Abbot Self-Propelled Gun.

I have four military vehicles including an amphibious Ferret armoured car and an armoured personnel carrier. I keep them in my shed, which I had to extend.

It is a good way for our kids to make friends: “My dad has a tank.” My mistake was to park one outside our house. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award turned up, then the Cub Scouts, and I got tank groupies – ex-military men with ‘My Other Car is a Tank’ bumper stickers.

If you have a driving licence, you have a provisional tracked vehicle licence. So you’re completely unsafe but legal to drive a tank. You’d think they’d be good in mud but I end up driving through walls, which is fun but annoys our neighbours.

My bandmates think it’s a useless hobby. But driving a tank, you’re aware of the danger. By the time you park, you are just happy to have survived.

Algunas fotos son de 50PoundNote y de shirlaine

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